Inside Windsor Castle

Production Assistant, Camera Assistant, Sound Recordist, Actor (Aaron Barschak)

Documentary marking the centenary of the Windsor dynasty by examining the history of the royal residence over the past 80 years, looking at the tragedies and triumphs that have had an impact on the Queen and her family. The first edition reflects on the events of the past 25 years, including the fire in November 1992 that started in the private chapel and came at the end of a terrible year for the royals, with marital troubles hitting the Queen’s three elder children.



Secrets of the SAS: In their own words

Camera Assistant and Technical Assistant, Actor

What’s it like to be in the SAS? What do SAS soldiers do? And how do they feel and what do they think when they’re doing it?

Based on strikingly candid interviews with former SAS soldiers, this landmark documentary series reveals for the first time the human experience of serving in the world’s most famous elite military unit.

The films feature the inside stories of some of the biggest SAS operations in recent history from the Falklands to Iraq, and Sierra Leone to Northern Ireland. They are told in intimate, thrilling – and, above all, human – detail by the soldiers themselves, and illustrated with highly realistic and atmospheric drama sequences. And they transport the viewer instantly to the heat of the action, be it a massive firefight behind enemy lines, a daring hostage rescue, a brutal interrogation – or a shopping trip to Tesco’s when the battle’s over but the adrenaline is still pumping.

Gripping, shocking and often funny, these films offer a strikingly frank and intimate portrait of the lives of ordinary men who do an extraordinary job.



Television’s Opening Night: How It Was Born

Camera Assistant and Sparky

In a unique experiment, Dallas Campbell (‘Bang Goes the Theory’), Professor Danielle George (‘The Christmas Lectures’) and Dr. Hugh Hunt (‘Dambusters: Building the Bouncing Bomb’,) join forces in an attempt to restage the very first official broadcast on British Television, exactly 80 years after it made history.




Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants

Sound Recordist, Camera Assistant and DIT.

Narrated by David Attenborough

Julian Fennessy reveals the intriguing secrets of giraffes, a surprisingly understudied species. Their populations are rapidly declining. This is the story of a small team of dedicated conservationists fighting to protect and study these increasingly endangered animals from a silent extinction.


bbc-natural-world agb-films



SAS Who Dares Wins

I worked on this series doing additional sound.

In this series, a group of ex-Special Forces personnel take 30 ordinary men through an SAS selection course, designed and run by them, with every test taken from the real Special Forces selection they all went through. It’s shot with minimal interference for maximum authenticity, as the recruits spend eight intensive days isolated from the outside world.

For the SAS, physical fitness is little more than a necessary minimum. The true test is one of character: do these men have the mental strength needed to join the Special Forces? As they’re subjected to psychological profiling and testing, sleep deprivation and stress positions, extreme physical endurance, and capture and interrogation, the men are taken to the edge of their capabilities and some surprising truths emerge: Alpha males aren’t welcome, coming first in the race isn’t always the way to win, and what’s really being tested is often not what it seems.

screenshot-2017-01-05-16-56-07Nominated for RTS Best Popular, Factual and Features

“The best show on television”
The Sun“A thoroughly-addictive series”
Daily Mail

“Superior entertainment”
Daily Telegraph

“The watermark for challenging reality shows has reached a new high”
The Guardian


The Bomb Hunters

I was the soundman for documentary film on dud World War Two bombs in Berlin. Recording interviews with the local town mayor both in the field and at the press office alongside other press crews.

Film Synopsis

What does it feel like to live atop hundreds of bombs which could explode at any moment? Such is the daily life of the 43,000 citizens of Oranienburg on the northern outskirts of Berlin. The center of Nazi efforts to build an atomic bomb, Oranienburg became the target of the heaviest single Allied bombing of World War II. Now, seventy years later, the town’s charismatic mayor, his intrepid bomb disposal experts and a bomb-victim-turned-media-star are joining forces to rid their home of some 300 deadly bombs before they go off…




This is a project that I worked with Tom Mustill on, rigging timelapses and data wrangling, it is  what I would consider to be the foot in the door moment, Mr Mustill helped me enter film the film industry.

Glimpse the whirlwind of robots, rides, and radical speakers that made up FutureFest 2015.

FutureFest is a weekend festival of ideas, talks, and interactive performances to inspire people to change the future. To find out more about the event, and watch some of our other videos visit: www.nesta.org.uk

Video produced for Nesta by www.grippingfilms.com

H is for Hawk: The Next Chapter

Sound Recordist, Camera Assistant, Timelapse/ B Cameraman,  DIT, Sparky

When Helen MacDonald’s father died, she tried to assuage her grief by training one of the wildest creatures on earth: a goshawk. She had trained birds before, but never a gos. They were, she thought, “things of death and difficulty; spooky, pale-eyed psychopaths that lived & killed in woodland thickets.” The story of her & her “psychopathic” goshawk Mabel was the basis for her international best-selling book H is for Hawk.